Why Work With Winn?


First things first, why should you work with a travel advisor? My alliteration skills are just one of the countless reasons. My clients most often point to the intangibles of working with an advisor - trust, customization, value, advocacy, objectivity, extras -- the things the Internet can't provide. Even though you trust your neighbor of BFF implicitly, what was perfect for their vacation, most likely isn't perfect for yours. I create experiences as unique as you. Read on for a few more of the tangibles I bring to your travel experiences.

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Added Value

Through my affiliation with Brownell and Virtuoso, I have access to special rates, extra amenities and added values that you CAN NOT secure on your own. Things like complimentary breakfasts, hotel and resort credits, and the holy grail -- room upgrades. Your shiny credit card or even the reservations agents at the world's top hotel groups don't have offers as rich as mine.

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Friends in High Places

If you're a savvy traveler, you know that 5-star hotels, resorts and cruise lines have special offers for their top industry partners. Brownell is a member of virtually every luxury club there is. As an independent advisor and grateful member of the Brownell Famiy, I have access to the general managers, top executives and grand poo-bahs all over the world. If you think online travel sites care that you are celebrating a special occasion or that Great Aunt Mildred broke a hip, think again!

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Sure, you can read through hundreds of online reviews and hundreds of thousands of pages on the Internet, but where does that leave you? Overwhelmed wtih inforamation that isn't objective and doesn't give you the full picture. When you work with me, you have the benefit of my first-hand experience and extensive network to edit the information to choose what's right for YOU.