How much does it cost to use a travel advisor?

I charge professional planning fees to free me from relying on commissions for my time and expertise. Fees vary, but a good rule of thumb is $250 per couple or family for 1 week of travel. The fee is flexible and can go up or down depending on complexity of itinerary, length of travel and my time. More often than not, the value I add in tangibles (like complimentary breakfasts and credits), and intangibles (like saving your time and alleviating stress) far outweigh the planning fee. 

How does it all work?

Once we determine if we are a match made in vacation heaven, we will begin Brownell's trademarked DISCOVER MORE process. It's a tried and true (125-years in the making) method for collaborative planning. Planning and anticipating travel is FUN, and you should not be cut out of the process.

Why should I take your word for it?

You don't have to. The world is catching on that Travel Advisor's are back baby! See below for additional resources to help explain the value of using a professional travel advisor. 

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